Other Data Entry and Reporting Sites

There are many organizations and agencies that currently have on-line data entry systems in place for various types of community-based monitoring. Data may be submitted directly via a webform, or through email. Here are a few that we would like to highlight, and please contact us with suggestions for other sites and protocols to feature here.


Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF): Link to Online Data Entry system

Benthic Monitoring, Marine Disease and Bleaching

Eyes of the Reef Reporting Network Online form to report Marine Invasives  •  Online form to report Coral Bleaching, Disease, or Crown-of-Thorns

NOAA'S Coral Watch - Report bleaching observations

Water Quality

World Water Monitoring Day

Surfrider Foundation - Ocean Illness Report Form

Manta Rays

West Hawaii:

Manta Pacific Research Foundation - Manta Ray Sighting Form

The Hawaii Association for Marine Education and Research, Inc. (HAMER):  short form for manta sightings or an additional information form


The white tip reef shark project of Hawaii is seeking photos: more information here.

Sea Turtles

Hawksbill Recovery Project - seeking sighting information and photos via email; download: Turtle ID Guide and Hawaiian Hawksbills brochure


Cascadia Research Foundation is seeking photos of whales and dolphins in Hawaii's waters. Download a flier or check out the website.

Other Types of Monitoring

NOAA Phytoplankton Monitoring Network